Since 1989 until the present, the ADSC faculty and staff have produced a total of 10 books and pamphlets; five (5) books which are classified as follows: Poultry Production (1), Quail Production (1), Animal Breeding (2), and Animal Feeds and Feeding (1) and five (5) pamphlets which are classified as follows: Duck Egg Processing (2), Native Chicken Production (1), Carabao Production (2). Two of these books were published by the U.P. Press, CA Publications Office (1), University Publications Office (1), and DA Philippine Agriculture and Fisheries Biotechnology Program (1). All of the pamphlets were published by the CA Publications Office. These books and pamphlets are available for sale at the CA Publications Office.

Ang Pag-aalaga ng Katutubong Manok

Ang pamphlet na ito ay tumatalakay sa wastong pamamaraan ng pag-aalaga ng katutubo o "native" na manok kagaya  ng pagpapagawa ng pabahay, pagpili ng magandang palahian, pangangasiwa sa mga bagong dating na palahiang inahin, pangangasiwa ng nangingitlog at naglilimlim na inahin, pagpapapisa ng mga itlog, at likas na pagpapainit ng sisiw.

Ang Pagpapalahi ng Kalabaw sa Pamamagitan ng Gamot Pampagandi at Pagsusumpit

Ang pamphlet na ito ay tumatalakay sa wastong pamamaraan sa pagpapalahi ng kalabaw sa pamamagitan ng gamot pampangandi at pagsusumpit.

Biodiversity of Livestock and Poultry Genetic Resources in the Philippines

This book presents vital information that are required in the effective and efficient management, improvement, and conservation of domestic animal genetic resources. It also hopes to promote public awareness and better understanding and appreciation of diversity within species, between species, and ecosystems involved in local animal production.

Gabay sa Pangangasiwa ng Guya at Inahing Kalabaw

Ang pamphlet na ito ay tumatalakay sa wastong pamamaraan sa pangangasiwa ng guya at inahing kalabaw. 

Ang Paggawa ng Balot

Ang pamphlet na ito ay tumatalakay sa dalawang pamamaraan ng paggawa ng ballot. Ang una ay ang tradisyunal na paraan,ang paggamit ng toong, tikbu at kawa na karaniwang ginagamit ng mga nagsisimula pa lamang at maliit pa ang puhunan. Ang ikalawa ay ang paggamit ng artificial incubator  nababagay sa malakihang produksyon.

Animal Breeding: Principles and Practice in the Philippine Context

This book is about the principles of genetics with considerable emphasis on breeding goals and the procedures necessary to achieve improvement of economically important traits in animal breeding populations. It also features a review of milestones and applications/practice of quantitative genetics, statistical methodology, selection and mating designs in farm animals in the Philippines.

Cut Your Own T-Bone Steak

This pamphlet aims to popularize proper fabrication to attain greater satisfaction of the consumers and greater profit for the producers. The most important advantage of proper fabrication is the increased satisfaction and value derived from the cuts.

Poultry Production in the Tropics

This book is useful for college students in agriculture and veterinary medicine taking courses in poultry production and as a guide to raisers and prospective poultry farmers. It discusses poultry production under tropical conditions.

Ang Paggawa ng Itlog na Maalat at Century Egg

Ang pamphlet na ito ay tumatalakay sa iba’t-ibang pamamaraan at sangkap ng paggawa ng itlog na maalat at century egg upang ang mga ito ay hindi kaagad mabulok o masira.

Animal Feeds and Feeding: With Emphasis on the Tropics

This book covers both fundamental principles of nutrition and practical aspects of feeding domestic animals of economic importance in the tropics, particularly in the Philippines. It emphasized feedstuffs used and feeding practices commonly observed in tropical conditions. It is a useful guide in teaching the first course in animal feeds and feeding, for undergraduate students which is usually offered as a core course to students who major in animal science.

DNA Barcoding Livestock and Poultry Breeds and Strains: Going Beyond Taxonomic Classifications

This book presents the results of the "UPLB-DA DNA Barcoding Project- Agricultural Sub-sector on Animal Production and Health" funded by the Philippine Agriculture and Fisheries Biotechnology Program of the Department of Agriculture to analyze evolutionary relationships, genetic diversity and distances among common breeds, strains and crossbreeds of important livestock and poultry species using DNA barcodes.

The Science and Practice of Quail Production

This book includes a wide range of topics related to the science and practice of quail production such as quail industry in the Philippines, history and development of breeds, breeding and management, nutrition, disease control, and processing and utilization of quail products.