Bayanihan sa DTRI

Posted by Joey Domingo

In the spirit of civic unity and cooperation, DTRI personnel unite to clear the C6 pasture area in order to prepare for planting of forage legumes.

The C6 pasture area has been unutilized for some time. And while banana plants and some other ornamental plants have been in the area for quite a while, DTRI administrators decided to call for a Bayanihan (cooperative endeavour) to clear the land. DTRI personnel responded positively as a way of support to the on-going modernization at the institute.

Mr. Andy Loresco, DTRI’s forage production expert, said that forage legumes establishment entails clearing, land preparation and planting. Among the forage legumes to be planted are ipil-ipil, kakawate and indigofera.

The Bayanihan was set for three days, from January 23-25, 2019. (ROBatocabe)

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