DTRI learns living the Gung-Ho Way

Posted by Joey Domingo

With the sponsorship of PHILCHEMA  in cooperation with the Lighthouse Leadership Institute, the Dairy Training and Research Institute (DTRI) was able to have an encounter with Pastor Jojo Y. Baldo for a Gung-Ho seminar last August 30-31 held at the CVM building. It was attended by DTRI Director Angeles and  staff  and also by some staff of the Institute of Animal Science.

Accordingly, Gung-ho is a Madarin Chinese word  “honghe”, which literally means “work together”. This seminar is very timely as DTRI needs the best efforts from its staff to work together with its new director in building a new DTRI with the restructured College of Agriculture, now College of Agriculture and Food Science.  Pastor Baldo explained that a Gung-Ho seminar is a Personal Life Management program. He emphasized that “people think of changing humanity but nobody thinks of changing himself”. It is therefore hoped that with this seminar, the DTRI participants  “would be part of those who believe that the inner transformation of their lives is a goal worthy of or best effort”. The seminar was a combination of lecture/discussion, video viewing, singing, short prayers, sharing of experiences and team building games. With these activities there were no dull moments for two days among the participants. Each participant was in his best moods for two days: all were in their smiles during many parts of the lecture/discussion and sharing, everybody participated in all the games played, some were serious talking or listening during the processing of games and group activities, laughed aloud when jokes were cracked and  some cried in some parts of the seminar, especially towards the end of the 2-day session.  

In summary, Pastor Baldo shared that living the Gung-Ho way means: 1) adopting a healthy, life-giving mindset, 2) having a dynamic determination, 3) having disciplined habits, 4) possessing a purposed-driven life and finally 5) having a healthy spirituality. Each of these were discussed with  sharing from the participants. After the seminar, he hoped that each and everyone can say, “Today and everyday, I am going to be a better version of myself”. (Text by Myrna S. Galang and photo courtesy of Donato E.)

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