DTRI acquired new dairy processing plant equipment

Posted by Joey Domingo

In 2014, the Animal and Dairy Sciences Cluster (ADSC) submitted a proposal for the upgrading of its dairy facilities at the Dairy Training and Research Institute, to the former UPLB Chancellor Rex Victor Cruz titled “Modernizing the Dairy Production, Processing and Quality Control Facilities of ADSC-CA UPLB Towards a Globally Competitive Philippine Dairy Industry”.

Chancellor Fernando Sanchez finally approved the release of some funds for this project. The first set of equipment acquired this August 2017 were a pasteurizer, homogenizer and a milk separator for DTRI’s dairy processing plant.   

The pasteurizer was equipped with a multi-section plate-type heat exchanger with hygienic stainless steel flow plate capable of heating milk up to 90C. The homogenizer unit was designed with two-stage homogenizing arrangement with a maximum working pressure of 175 bar. The cream separator is a centrifuge type solid-retaining model with a skimming capacity of 0.05% fat residual in skimmilk. With these equipment now installed, the DTRI dairy processing plant has now a 500-liter per hour capacity that can be used for research and provide better quality dairy products to consumers. (Text by Angelo M. Tapia and Myrna S. Galang with photo courtesy of Donato E. Paner)

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