Training Programs

DTRI has an active involvement in conducting non-degree training courses of which mainly are regular mid-year short courses available to various clients such as extension workers, agricultural technicians, agriculture teachers, farmers, mothers and individuals or even entrepreneurs who are willing to learn animal and dairy sciences. Details and specific requirements of these training courses are presented below. 

Basic Training Course for Dairy Farm Workers

This course is a combination of lecture practicum covering the basic topics on dairy production and management with more emphasis on animal care and milking activities for those who will be involved in actual farm work.

Forage Production and Conservation

Basic principles and practices in forage production (establishment, maintenance, utilization and conservation) and dry season feeding strategies to augment feed supply.

Specialized Training Course for VetMed Students

This course intends to enable senior veterinary medicine students to be acquainted and actually perform various techniques in veterinary medicine as employed in the care and management of dairy cattle. Topics covered are dairy herd management, reproductive physiology, dairy microbiology and chemistry and other related topics.

Dairy Products Manufacture at Home

Principles of processing of different dairy products which can be manufactured at home. These products are liquid milk, yoghurt, ice cream, white cheese, mozzarella cheese, processed cheese and pastillas de leche. Also includes topics on cheese coagulant and sensory evaluation of dairy products.