Toll Processing


DTRI continues to provide services to the community and dairy farms through the acceptance of toll processing services of dairy products. The dairy processing plant serves the public as requested. The fees are very minimal compared to private entities. Below are the rates of the toll processing fees for the different dairy products at DTRI.



Liquid Milk  Fixed Php4,200.00 (from 1-600 liters); 7.00/liter, thereafter.
Php 7.00/liter if clients milk is processed next to ADSC Milk  
Low Fat Milk   Php 5.00/liter of raw milk to be separated plus Php7.00/liter of the resulting product  
White Cheese  Php 5.00/liter of raw milk
Ice Cream Php 30.00/gallon
Cream Separation             Php 5.00/liter of raw milk