Analytical Services

ADSC is home to several facilities which can accept both private and public requests for research and analytical services on a paid basis.

These facilities mainly provide technical information and support services to the ADSC research and extension projects, and other clients such as private individuals and companies, non-government organizations, regulatory agencies, partner-research institutions, and students.

Some of our laboratories are accredited and recognized by organizations such as the Environmental Management Bureau - Department of Environment and Natural Resources (EMB-DENR), Food and Drug Administration - Department of Health (FDA-DOH), and Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) and the Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA) of the Department of Agriculture.

Listed below are the facilities offering various analytical services with details such as contact information, capabilities and specialized equipment, and their respective schedule of fees.

Please take note that costings for the services may change without any notice. You are advised to contact the Laboratory In-Charge for the latest prices.

Animal Nutrition Analytical Service Laboratory

The ANASL provides a place for staff and students of animal science to analyze various feed ingredients as well as other samples collected for evaluating feeds for their potential value of animals. In addition, samples from different animal farms/feedmills are analyzed to provide farm owners information on nutritional quality of the feeds they give their animals.

Breeding and Physiology Laboratory

The laboratory is capable of conducting research on semen processing and embryo transfer, thus services on determining semen quality and preservation of semen, eggs and embryos are the special capabilities offered.  

Dairy Nutrition Laboratory

The laboratory is utilized by researchers and students in the proximate analysis of feeds as part of their research.  Organic matter, acid and neutral detergent fibers of forages can also be determined in the laboratory.  

Dairy Chemistry Laboratory

The laboratory is capable of producing and marketing different kinds of soft and hard cheeses in commercial scale with the existence of a new ripening room and vacuum packing machine.  It has also capabilities to analyze the basic microbiological and chemical qualities of raw milk and finished products.