DTRI generates and disseminates information on animal production and management to various clients most importantly to those in agriculture industry, the animal raisers/farmers. Advisory and consultancy services through meat inspection, laboratory diagnosis, analytical services and other services are continually provided by the cluster. For interested individuals, below are the steps in processing advisory and consultancy services.

 Steps in Processing Requests

Step 1.

Submit a letter of request for advisory/consultancy services to: 

Dr. Amado A. Angeles 
Dairy Training and Research Institute

Attention: ___________________, (if there is specific name of faculty/staff from the cluster)

Indicate in the letter the following:

a. Proper identification of requesting individual with his/her position in the office/institution (if the requesting person represent an office/institution)

b. Specific type of advisory/consultancy service being requested (indicate details if necessary)

c. Contact address/contact number the letter maybe hand carried or sent thru the post office /LBC or thru email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Step 2.

The letter shall be forwarded by the Director to the specific DTRI faculty/staff or if there's no specific name, it will be forwarded to the head of concerned DTRI division/Unit.

Step 3.

The staff or the head of Unit should reply to the request within 3 days upon receipt of letter. 

Step 4.

An evaluation form shall be accomplished by the requesting party after each advisory/consultancy service is served.