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The UPLB College of Agriculture Fund for Emergency Loan (CAFEL) was established in the 1950's and operated until 1969 as the College of Agriculture Students Emergency Loan Fund (CASELF). Its main objective was to help UPLBCA students meet their immediate needs especially academic needs. The initial capital were from CA emergency funds, contributions/donations-staff members and college organizations.

On October 24, 1969, CASELF was renamed to CAFEL started grant loans to students and staff. The loanable amount was Php 500.00. In 1998, loanable amount was increased to Php 2000.00, and later increased toPhp 3000.00 in Year 2000. The target of the college is to increase the CAFEL funds to 1 million pesos in the next three years and to increase the number of student beneficiaries served.

CAFEL Policies

1. Registered students with good academic standing.
2. With consent of parents/guardian.
3. Loanable amount of Php 3000.00/semester.
4. Terms: 1% interest, payable in 10 days before end of classes.
5. Requires a guarantor.
6. No interest on loan if the students passed all subjects; honor students can be given additional incentive.
7. Advisers will serve as guarantors.
8. Advisers should monitor progress of the advisees and assist in searching for scholarships (part of mentoring).

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You may donate to this account:

Planter's Development Bank

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Teresita H. Borromeo
Maria Cynthia R. Oliveros

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