Statement of the mission and goals of DTRI for the next 5 years (2017-2021)

DTRI will continue to be a research and training institution for the local dairy industry. It will address issues pertaining to intensive and alternative dairy production systems. 

It will also continue its goals and objectives as follows: 

1)  To train competent manpower required by the local and international dairy industry,

2) To conduct research relevant to the needs of the dairy industry, which includes  genetics evaluation, reproductive biotechnology, forage evaluation, and milk products development,  and 

3)  To assist farmers in improving their activities in coordination with government and private agencies concerned with the local dairy industry and develop and disseminate dairy technologies and information responsive to the needs of all sectors at all levels of the dairy industry  and related industries. 

As a non-degree granting  unit, it will provide manpower and physical resources  to dairy /food courses of the college, as well as academic support to SCU’s and government agencies.

* Source: Section 3 of the proposal submitted by CADO to the Chancellor in the re-structuring of CA.