The Dairy Training and Research Institute

Prior to its present status as an independent unit of the College of Agriculture and Food Science (CAFS), the Dairy Training and Research Institute (DTRI) was part of the Animal and Dairy Sciences Cluster (ADSC) for around 13 years.  The  ADSC was formally created on October 1, 2004 as one of the five clusters of the reorganized UPLB College of Agriculture.  The cluster was a merger of the Institute of Animal Science and the Dairy Training and Research Institute. The reorganization into five clusters was a result of the reorganization plan of the college in the 90’s with the objective of promoting and sustaining the college competitive edge as a center of excellence in higher education, research and development in agriculture and food science and was envisioned to consolidate its pool of expertise, optimize the allocation and use of dwindling physical, human and financial resources.  

On December 2016, the UP Board of Regents approved the renaming of the College of Agriculture  (CA) to CAFS with re-structured organizational structure composed of five degree-granting institutes and four RDE institutes/centers. “The renaming of CA to CAFS and re-alignment  of CA units to their respective relevant agribusiness sub-sectors in agriculture aims to support  the country’s drive to transform Philippine Agricultures towards inclusive and sustainable growth that links  and benefits  farmers in the whole chain and promoting product innovation and market diversification.” DTRI was one of the identified RDE institutes in the re-structured CA . 

On February 2017, DTRI regained her status as one of the independent units of CAFS with its new  director who was unanimously nominated by DTRI staff in the person of Dr. Amado Angeles. Dr. Angeles, a faculty member of the Institute of Animal Science (IAS). With his appointment, he started to hold office at DTRI while continuing his teaching assignments at IAS.